Dhuterere’s wife trips on stage


THE NATIONAL Prayer Day gospel concert held on Monday ended on a sad note after popular musician Mambo Dhuterere’s wife stumbled and fell on stage in the middle of their act.

Running under the theme “Breaking the fast in fighting Covid-19”, the concert which was aired live on ZTV was meant to celebrate end of the day of prayer and fasting.

The stage mishap occurred at a time the band was winding up performing hit song Dare Guru, a song that attacks the cunning nature and proliferation of fake prophets in the society.

While from the video, the stage accident seemed to have been caused by the poor stage floor, the husband was quick to water down the incident when contacted for comment yesterday.

“She said she was tripped by one of the loose cables that were on the floor. It happened when she turned while directly facing the stage monitor. It was not a big deal; she did not sustain any injuries. It was one of the minor onstage mistakes,” Mambo Dhuterere said.

Other musicians who performed include Michael Mahendere, Charles and Olivia Charamba, Mathias Mhere, Janet Manyowa, Family Voices, Dorcas Moyo, Kuda Mutsvene, Note2etoN, Blessing Shumba and Pastor
Emmanuel Marecha.

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