Dembo treats doctors


SUNGURA musician Tendai Dembo rolled back the good old times when he performed at the medical doctors’ conference in Kadoma on Saturday.

He literally took doctors down memory lane as he churned out his legendary father, Leonard Dembo’s all-time hits such as Venenzia, Gire and Sarura Wako among others, much to be delight of medical practitioners.

Speaking to the Daily News, Dembo said he was honoured to play before the doctors, at a time a number of musicians were struggling to get gigs due to the global coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic.

“I am very grateful that my fans, including doctors and chief executive officers, have kept the Barura Express going. “A number of musicians are struggling to get back in the game’ due to Covid-19 consequences.

“Every time I perform for my fans, I always feel the mandate to return the favour through a polished act,” Dembo said. With his commendable act, Dembo kept the doctors on the dance floor and for once forgetting their myriad of professional challenges that include non-payment of bills by medical aid societies, non-availability of resources for operations management, unnecessary interference by too many players and bottle necks in registering practices among others.

The inaugural conference held at Kadoma Ranch Hotel was organised by the Medical and Dental Private Practitioners Zimbabwe Association Trust and ran under the theme “Restoring the Health Profession to its Glory Through Moulding Balanced and Ethical Practitioners”.

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