Covid-19 under control: Chiwenga 


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VICE President Constantino Chiwenga has insisted that the government is not overwhelmed by the current Covid-19 pandemic despite an alarming rise in new infections and deaths. 

This comes as Chiwenga also assured citizens that the government would not force people to take the Covid-19 vaccine.

It also comes as latest statistics show that Zimbabwe has recorded 636 deaths from the confirmed

25 368 cases as of Thursday.

“It would be, however, an exaggeration at this stage, to suggest that our health institutions are overwhelmed by cases of Covid-19.

“Admittedly, the recent escalation of cases of the pandemic in the country has caused a high demand for healthcare.

“Nonetheless, let me reassure citizens that Zimbabwe’s public and private health institutions still have adequate capacity to offer health services to all patients,” Chiwenga, who also doubles as Health minister, said in a statement yesterday.

The government recently announced that it will roll out the Covid-19 vaccine next month amid scepticism by citizens, who fear that it could have negative health consequences.

“I am also aware that some of our citizens are anxious to get vaccinated. The government is following the development and dissemination of Covid-19 vaccines by other states with keen interest.

“Despite the observations made that other African, European and Asian countries had started rolling out vaccines, Zimbabwe adopted a measured approach, with experts interrogating all safety concerns.

“As soon as all technical and administrative obligations are met, Zimbabweans can expect to be vaccinated.

“The vaccination is going to be voluntary. Let me underscore that my ministry is doing everything possible to ensure that our citizens are safe from possible side effects of some Covid-19 vaccines currently on the shelves,” he said.

Amid soaring deaths and infections in the country, police said they have observed with concern an influx of citizens sneaking into CBDs, hence they are now working flat out to ensure sanity prevails in the country.

Authorities invoked a hard lockdown last week in the wake of soaring deaths and the rapid spread of the deadly virus.

The reversion to a strict lockdown saw authorities re-introducing a fresh dusk-to-dawn curfew.

In addition, the operations of all businesses — except those providing essential services — were once again suspended for 30 days.

“There might not be any need of extending the 30-day national lockdown if the progression of the pandemic is tamed. However, let me warn my fellow countrymen that current statistics are indicating a marginal increase in new cases.

“The total confirmed cases continue to mount. The prevailing situation is posing a grave threat to public health…

“Our citizens should not slacken. We should continue to observe guidelines of wearing masks, observing physical distancing and sanitisation,” Chiwenga added.

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