COVID-19 the wake-up call: Children’s Fund


©️ THE deadly coronavirus pandemic continues to spread across our globalized world and governments are duly reacting by closing schools, emptying offices and suspending cultural and sports events.

In the past few weeks many nations went on lockdown forcing struggling companies to close down, retrench and scale down on their workforce. This delivers bad news, loss of jobs, and for family people this will be a big blow, this is the time to sit down and think of a fund for your child, to protect them from whatever that is going on. This deadly pandemic has come as a wake-up call to the whole of the southern African region to be in a position to save especially for their children in time. Parents in Africa, especially the southern part of the hemisphere have a choice to create a better future for their children by saving up money through Child registry.

Child Registry gives an opportunity to every parent in Africa to Invest in their child’s future through a syndicate of foreign partnership funds and entities. The objective of this service is so that the parents can contribute their hard-earned funds into a registered and regulated fund that is hedged against Inflation so that they have a bright and prosperous future. Companies can also invest in their employees’ children as part of retirement package or where they may take the interest when the child reaches 18 years.

Parents can register children as young as one week old to 10 years old and all they need is their identification card, address, email, phone number and the child’s birth certificate. There are three options for payment, one can either pay US$10/month, US$25/quarter, or US$100/year all in equivalent local currency to US$ based on prevailing market rate.

The primal goal of this facility is to give children a brighter future,parent can contribute their hard -earned funds into a registered and regulated fund that is hedged against inflation.

At this stage we can’t afford to ignore the signs anymore of all children now need to have a health, education, and social protection. Such a timely facility is being offered by Child Registry, which is a registered company in Zimbabwe and have some amazing pecks for the children.

In an interview this week with, Noel Mavura, the regional director in southern Africa for Child Registry said they were receiving a lot of interest from Zimbabweans however they hope to cater for the whole of southern Africa. They are currently registering children from 0 to 10 years and they urge parents to start investing in funds for their children through Child Registry. Companies, also have an option of borrowing against their employees’ children policy.

“Child Registry is taking Zimbabwe Market by a storm .We are receiving a lot of people who are registering their children in order to make their future bright. As we are receiving overwhelming positive responses in Zimbabwe, it is our utmost intention to cover the rest of Southern Africa. The prevailing of Covid-19 is a compelling factor which is aiding in encouraging parents to save money for their children’s future,” he said.

“This will eradicate poverty in Zimbabwe and enhance standards of living because a lot of children will have reserves in their accounts. Companies they can invest in their employees’ children as part of retirement package where they may take the interest when the child reaches 18 years,” Mavura.

He added that creating saving for a child today is a wonderful gift for their future, as this will provide a welcome financial boost when they turn 18 years. The facility will also help the child with future costs of education, buying a home, starting business.

“Funds can be fully withdrawn upon the child reaching the age of 18 on their birthday. All funds will be withdrawn in US$ or local currency as per your choice. If you default on your payments, your account will not earn any interest and will only be eligible to withdraw funds at the 18th year anniversary. In order for you to qualify for US$100, your initial contribution has to be a minimum of US$25 equivalent in local currency upon opening the account.

“We will be investing the RTGS in Zimbabwe to grow the market and create employment. We believe Zimbabwe has a bright future. The US$ that we be paid out to you will come from local earnings as well as from foreign participation through a Zimbabwean Registered Fund, GSP Dividend Fund PL with Securities & Exchange Commission of Zimbabwe. The Local Fund will also Invest in Foreign Securities Such as Equities, Bonds, Mutual Funds, ETF, Real Estate, Partnerships to derive US$ based returns. Your relatives or employers can also directly contribute towards your child’s account,” added Mavura.

All accounts are fully are collateralized 4X the contribution by the fund partners. and  it is backed by Asset. Parents and interested parties will be emailed a quarterly statement which will show them their regular contribution, capital appreciation and balances all in US$.

 Therefore it goes without saying that Child Registry is a game changer in the economy of Zimbabwe in alleviating poverty and allows the creation of employment.


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