‘Covid-19: Perfect time for family bonding’

SOCIAL commentator and reality TV host Rebecca Chisamba, pictured, says the current 21-day national lockdown is only difficult for couples who have something to hide.
With reports of some couples fighting, she said this is a time for family bonding which couples should enjoy and express their love.
Popularly known as Mai Chisamba following her television show Mai Chisamba Show, her heart bleeds at seeing messages circulating on social media of couples fighting during this period.
“If there is real love between people then there is no fighting. People should go back to the drawing board and see what brought them together in the first place.
“This is time of love and to young couples do what (Alick) Macheso said in Ngaibake, let love blossom. This is only difficult for people who have shenanigans they don’t want their partners to know about. Whatever they were hiding is now coming out and leads to fights,” she said.
Mai Chisamba said there should be no secrets in marriage as this would lead to fighting.
“There should be no secrets in marriage. Whatever some were hiding is now coming out. They can’t make those calls or send those messages which they used to do and it results in clashes,” she said.
She said the lockdown has brought time for bonding saying people no longer had time for their families and family disintegrations were on a high.
“People were now prioritising other things and no longer had time for their families. On weekends men would be at braai spots and now it is not being permitted and they now feel like they are out of place. People should actually celebrate this opportunity to bond with their wives, husbands and children,” she said.
Mai Chisamba said she has not stopped loving her husband and they are enjoying the period as a couple.
“We were doing each other’s hair and our children were celebrating it. There is a lockdown and salons are closed so we had to dye each other’s hair. We are growing up and our hair is greying. Our children were happy, taking pictures of the process,” she said.
“This is a difficult period for the country but for families this is a perfect time for bonding. This is also a good opportunity for praying,” she said

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