Covid-19 paralyses ZKU


Austin Karonga

THE Zimbabwe Karate Union (ZKU) has bemoaned the negative impact the global spread of the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic has had after cancelling all of their local, regional and international assignments.

Since March, global sporting activities have been greatly affected as the novel virus has made it impossible for most of contact sporting activities to take place.

To make matters worse, karate was also categorised as a full contact discipline and is yet to be given the green light to resume training and competition by the government health authorities.

“We are training individually from home and we are having our meetings online until the situation normalises,” ZKU treasurer George Maposa told the Daily News yesterday.

“It’s been a huge impact, we were supposed to go to Japan for the World So Kyokushin tournament but it was cancelled.
“We were looking forward to hosting local tournaments but we cancelled everything.

“We are supposed to be training as a group at our dojos so that we defeat Covid-19 as a group but we can’t.”

The financial impact caused by the novel virus is also taking its toll on the individuals involved in the sport.
“We have instructors who survive from karate and there is no income; we are supposed to pay our landlords for dojos and the like but there is no income,” Maposa said.

“We are supposed to be grading our students but we can’t because of Covid-19 so it’s been really bad for us as an association.”

Notably, the country’s finest karateka Shihan Samson Muripo was unable to defend his Kyokushin world title in Japan after the tournament was cancelled in April.

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