Court refuses to bail Sikhala

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MDC Alliance deputy national chairperson, Job “Wiwa” Sikhala, will spend more time in remand prison after he was denied bail yesterday.

This follows the larger-than-life Zengeza West legislator’s arrest last month, during which police claimed that he had been found hiding in a ceiling at a house in Tynwald North — a western suburb of Harare.
Sikhala — who has disputed the circumstances surrounding his arrest — is facing charges of inciting public violence, which authorities say stem from his utterances in the run-up to the foiled July 31 anti-government protests.
Yesterday, Harare magistrate Lazini Ncube ruled that Sikhala was a flight risk, citing charges that the lawyer-cum-politician had been playing hide-and-seek with the police before he was arrested.
The court also said there was no reason to believe that the arresting officer Collin Makore had lied about him, as it has been shown during bail hearing that the two men enjoyed good relations.
Ncube also said judging from the videos that had been produced in court, Sikhala knew that he was wanted by the police, but never surrendered himself.
Instead, the court ruled, Sikhala went on to post videos on social media in which he stated that he had received information from various sources that the police were after him.
The court also said that claims that his lawyer Beatrice Mtetwa went and inquired from the police on his behalf could not be accepted, as he should have gone to any police station to clear his name if he was not in hiding.
Further, the court said, claims that Sikhala had been arrested 64 times was not good enough to grant him bail as each matter needed to be treated on its merits.
Sikhala was remanded in custody to September 17.
Sikhala’s arrest sent tongues wagging within opposition ranks, where accusations flew around furiously as to how he ended up being nabbed by authorities.
The Daily News reported before the arrest that some MDC Alliance bigwigs were pushing to have Sikhala expelled from the coalition for his radical political activities and dogged opposition to Zanu PF and its government.
So bad was the situation said to have become for Sikhala, that sources told the newspaper at the time that some of his comrades were even hoping that authorities would manage to fish him out from his hideout.

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