Court hearing for Zifa Cllrs  

Nigel Matongorere and
Mugove Tafirenyika  

POLICE have made significant headway in the bribery case against Zimbabwe Football Association (Zifa) president Felton Kamambo for allegedly paying councillors to vote for him during the 2018 elections which brought him into office.

This comes as at least 32 Zifa councillors are set to appear in court for allegedly accepting payments from Kamambo.
National police spokesperson Paul Nyathi told the Daily News that the case was now before the courts.
“The matter is now before the courts and it is now sub judice to make any further comments,” Nyathi told the Daily News.
Allegations against Kamambo are that ahead of the December 2018 polls, he transferred different amounts to the mobile money accounts of the 32 Zifa councillors that make up part of the electoral college.
Kamambo went on to win the poll after garnering 35 votes against the incumbent Philip Chiyangwa, who managed to get 24.
The election was supposed to go to a run-off since Kamambo had not reached the required two thirds majority vote.
However, Chiyangwa withdrew from the race after it was apparent he had no way of recovering from the lead Kamambo had received in the first ballot.
Ever since the election, there has been a lot of suspicion a number of councillors were paid to vote for Kamambo.
In February this year, the ZRP Commercial Crimes Unit brought in Kamambo for questioning after a report was made by Chiyangwa.
Initially, the police had cleared Kamambo of any wrongdoing after a first report was made by his chief election agent Robert Matoka.
However, it seems the law enforcement agents now have new evidence to form a strong case against the under fire Zifa boss.
When Kamambo was brought in for questioning, the association claimed there was a “third force” trying to destabilise the game by making unwarranted bribery allegations.
“Zifa would like to inform the nation that…Kamambo is neither on the run, detained nor is he being sought after by the police.
“Zifa lawyers were this morning at Harare Central Police where they met top police leadership with regards to the bribery allegations,” the association spokesperson Xolisani Gwesela said at the time.
“While we confirm that a separate police department has indicated willingness to re-interview…Kamambo on alleged bribery allegations reported by…Chiyangwa, who lost the Zifa elections to the incumbent, we also would like the public to know that indeed…Kamambo had previously been investigated and cleared on the same election bribery charges.
“Zifa would like to allay any fears that football will be in a limbo as a result of these issues and believes that in the fullness of time, all shall be laid bare.
“A lot is happening in our football and authorities have been alerted.
“We believe that soon those who are conniving with known football criminals shall soon be exposed and convicted accordingly.”

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