Council faces Ema sanctions

Lloyd Matare

HARARE City Council could face sanctions from the Environmental Management Agency (Ema) after failing to
comply with an order to clear garbage that has piled up at bus termini around Mbare.
HCC has only managed to clear only three out of seven of the garbage mounds, in violation of Ema’s directive, which became effective on February 12.

The termini that were supposed to be cleared of garbage included Mbare Musika terminus exit, Farmers’ Market, Matererini Flats transfer point, Mutare Rank, Remembrance House transfer point and the corner of Chigwida and Ardbernie streets.

Ema spokesperson Amkela Sidange said the environmental agency will start taking action against the city council next week after completing their survey.

“In a survey that we conducted last week, only three bus termini were being cleared of garbage -Ardbennie Street, Matererini Flats transfer point and Remembrance House transfer point. “However, full action on failure to comply with the ultimatum by the HCC will be taken on Monday after a complete survey,” Sidange told the Daily News on Sunday yesterday.

HCC, however, said that they were intensifying efforts to ensure that they meet the required standards.

“At times we struggle in our efforts to fully manage garbage in the city. Some people at bus termini keep dumping litter everywhere despite our efforts to keep the city clean.

“This is the main reason why heaps of garbage still dominate mostly at the country’s biggest termini (Mbare) because it holds a large number of people and a lot of activities … this results in people throwing litter everywhere because we have a shortage of bins here,” HCC spokesperson Michael Chideme said.

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