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Corona, death  know no party

MANY decent Zimbabweans have been shocked by the depth of depravity that has been exhibited by a few pinheads who have In truth, this primitive behaviour was entirely expected as this has, unfortunately, become the reality of present-day Zimbabwe. Thus, we will all have to fight very hard if this barbaric mindset is ever to be defeated.


Hopefully too, in this regard, this latest manifestation of this morbid, but widely prevalent conduct will jolt society to finally do something about it, while also banishing erroneous perceptions that vile attitudes are the preserve of Zanu PF leaders and their supporters.

After all, even the supposedly lettered, but insufferable small cast of know-it-alls who loathe Zanu PF — as is their right — and who like to present themselves as enlightened and civilised, have also engaged in this shocking witchcraft through their usual poisonous activism that is camouflaged as academic opinion.

The sad reality though is that these conceited Smart Alecs fully understand that Covid-19 does not discriminate, even as they continue to play politics with people’s lives. They also know that it neither respects people’s social statuses nor political affiliations.

Indeed, the vast majority of the nearly 1 000 fellow citizens who have succumbed to the pandemic are not Zanu PF bigwigs.

To drive this point home, and to further place this matter in its proper context, this virulent respiratory disease has taken about 420 000 lives in America to date, and counting — the richest and most powerful country in the world.

Regular readers of the Daily News will know that we have consistently spoken out against the toxic nature of our country’s politics that is promoted by a few Zanu PF and MDC apparatchiks and their runners, and which has resulted in the current lack of humanity in much of our national discourse — especially on social media.

In this polarised climate, the boneheads and windbags on both sides of Zimbabwe’s political divide are sowing seeds of anarchy between and within the country’s two main political parties, a phenomenon that has spread beyond the political sphere and into all societal relations.

The result of all this is that everything in the country, including those that relate to the most inane of issues, is given a political label, and also looked at from a fatal “us” versus “them” perspective — to the detriment of Zimbabweans and the country.

This pernicious polarisation has also made political tolerance and compromise impossible in the country in recent years, with any necessary talk about the need for national dialogue shot down with zealous idiocy by the small band of anarchists in both Zanu PF and MDC — who continue to reap rich dividends from the country’s myriad challenges.

Yes, there are many in the MDC too who do not want normalcy to return to the country, as this will negatively affect their livelihoods.

This once again brings us to a critical point, about the role of independent media like the Daily News in the life of our society and in all this.

What are we to do? Pretend that the problem in our country is only in Zanu PF? Or cower in fear of being labelled “enablers”, or that we are now supposedly owned by politically-exposed persons — all shameful lies by the small band of self-serving smarty pants and hacks-for-hire alluded to above?

Our pledge to our hundreds of thousands of readers is that we will never yield to dubious agendas nor abdicate our key watchdog role, and truthful, non-partisan approach to news, even if this may displease some powerful politicians and their attack dogs.

Indeed, journalism is at its most useful to society when it is fair, challenging and probing in all circumstances.

For the avoidance of doubt, therefore, we at the Daily News firmly believe that our duty is to our country only — and not to political parties and their leaders, which is why we will always “tell it like it is”, without any fear or favour. And so, we will continue to call a spade a spade, including forcefully outing retrogrades who are hell-bent on holding Zimbabwe back.

This must end as we have all suffered enough.

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