Cops blitz on unregistered vehicles

THE Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) has embarked on an operation targeting unregistered vehicles and motorists who are not displaying vehicle registration number plates.


National police spokesperson Paul Nyathi yesterday said the move was in response to the increase in lockdown violations by motorists, including the banned commuter omnibus operators, who were illegally operating and capitalising on transport challenges currently being experienced by the public.

Several of these unregistered kombis were targeting routes which are not being serviced by Zupco.
“It is disturbing to note that commuter omnibuses have resorted to removing and hiding number plates in order to evade roadblocks or checkpoints. Some are even using feeder roads in both urban and rural areas as drivers continue to commit various offences   under the current national lockdown,” Nyathi said.

The police spokesperson said they would treat any motorist without registration plates with suspicion as they move to curb cases of robberies.

“We urge all law abiding citizens to drive vehicles with genuine number plates. Police officers will be strictly treating anyone driving a vehicle without registration plates with suspicion.

“The Zimbabwe Republic Police will impound all vehicles moving with no registration plates to curb cases of robberies, mushika shika (pirate taxis), among others,” he said.

There has been an increase in cases of people being robbed of their wares and dumped in bushy areas by criminals in pirate taxis across the country.

With transport being a challenge for many people in the capital, people have resorted to private vehicles some of which are driven by robbers.

Pirate taxi drivers known as mushika-shika have taken advantage of the situation and are back on the roads with most of their vehicles operating without registration plates.

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