Climate change is the biggest threat to the planet.
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Comedian fights climate change

Ashley Moyo

COMEDIAN Tinaye Chiketa, who is fighting climate change through art, has called on everyone to play a significant role in safeguarding the planet.

Chiketa, a creative director of Paden Network, said climate change is the biggest threat to the planet and has vowed to play his part through art.

“We have come up with Chasekwa Hump Day Comedy Show to raise awareness on climate change through humour. The show will take place on April 30 in Harare,” Chiketa said.

Chiketa says it is high time artists play their role in raising awareness on serious issues such as climate change.

“Not much is being talked about regarding the dangers of climate change; Hump Day Comedy Show is the weapon we are using to educate the society, mainly the young ones on issues about climate change in a manner that they understand,” he said.

Apart from raising awareness on climate change, the comedy show also aims at promoting and empowering young artists.

“As part of our mandate, Paden strives to empower new talents from the marginalised communities,” added Chiketa.

Chiketa is complementing efforts of other civil society organisations and artists in the campaign against climate change.

This also comes as University of Zimbabwe student of Environmental Science Tinashe Muzondo is using his poetic skills to raise awareness on climate change.

“My works are inspired by what happens in modern society. I use my poetic skills to challenge societal ills such as environmental injustice, child marriages and ritual murders among others,” Muzondo said.

In August, artist Okay Machisa is set to host one of the biggest Climate Change Art Festivals in the region. The event is expected to take place in Gweru.

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