Civil servants in fresh call for US$ salaries  

Nokuthaba Nkomo

©️  CIVIL servants have made a new call for the government to pay their salaries in United States dollars (USD) following a fresh wave of price hikes that hit the country at the weekend.

This comes as a survey by the Daily News showed that there have been further steep adjustments to the prices of basic goods — which were already beyond the reach of many before the weekend price increases.
Zimbabwe Teachers’ Association (Zimta) secretary-general Tapson Sibanda said paying teachers and other civil servants in USD was now the solution as the Zimbabwe dollar has become an insult.
“This takes place on the background where the majority of service providers are rejecting the Zim-dollar. In fact, the economy out there has dollarised yet the government continues to pay its workers in Zim-dollars.
“The government should move out of denial mode and be realistic in the manner it tackles the current economic challenges. It should stop addressing the symptoms instead of the root causes of this economic crisis,” Sibanda said.
Amalgamated Rural Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (Artuz) president Obert Masaraure told the Daily News that the government should address their plight before schools resume or risk a strike.
“Government should pay us the US$520 salaries we used to earn in 2018. Goods and services are being paid for in foreign currency yet our salaries are being paid in  local currency.
“Teachers will not be returning back to work until salaries are reviewed. We once again reiterate that Mthuli Ncube (the Finance minister) has failed us and must be fired with immediate effect,” Masaraure said.
The government recently announced that schools would resume classes in phases beginning mid-June.
Progressive Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (PTUZ) secretary-general Raymond Majongwe said teachers would not go back to work if the government does not review their salaries immediately.
“We cannot pay for rentals as they are now pegged in USD and we neither have the USD nor Rand. The government is supposed to mellow down to some serious engagement with its workers otherwise we are heading for a serious clash.
“It’s time for government to be serious. Paying teachers $2 900 when four people need more than $9 000 to survive is an insult,” said Majongwe.
The PTUZ secretary-general said the recent introduction of $10 and $20 notes could be the cause of the new wave of price increases.
“Everything is now being rounded off around these figures. We are worried that if this is not addressed we are going to plunge into more economic misery.
“The most important point that the government is supposed to understand is that they cannot address the country’s economic challenges by pretending they are doing something when they are not doing anything,” Majongwe said.
At the same time, the Zimbabwe Professional Nurses Union (ZPNU) secretary-general Douglas Chikobvu said they were tired of continuously subsidising their employer.
He said it was now difficult for nurses and other health workers to focus on their duties with dedication as they will be thinking of ways to provide for their families.
“We are struggling to make ends meet and today we don’t have any safety nets to cushion us further. Therefore, we call upon the government to be very practical by pegging our salaries at interbank rates,” he said.


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  1. dotiyenja says

    Yaa, zanu is in shit now. Borders are closed. It cant generate foreign income, workers demand to be paid in USA$. Mthuli hasnt failed its Zanu, what I can say is why did he join the group? There were basic things he should have demanded before assuming that position. Land audit first. Farmers or settlers who are not paying tax must be moved to rural settlement. Mines especially diamonds must be accounted for.

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