City fathers should leave vendors alone


EDITOR — It is sad that the city fathers together with the security forces and the municipal police will continue to pounce on vendors operating illegally.


It is disheartening to note that the city fathers as well as the security forces do not seem to realise that life is hard for most people in Zimbabwe hence the increasing numbers of vendors that have moved to the central business districts throughout the country.


The fact that the vendors are being asked to have a licence to operate is sad indeed.All that these vendors want is to put food on the table for their families. As most of them cannot afford licences their families will starve.


Both the police spokesperson and the Harare City Council spokesperson have stated that this should not be viewed as a crackdown.


According to press reports this comes after outcries from vendors who believe they were being targeted for harassment by security agencies.


Some have claimed council officials were demanding bribes so as to let them operate.
However, Nyathi yesterday told the Daily News that vendors were expected to operate within the confines of the law to avoid friction with law enforcement agencies.


“It was made clear by the government that for vendors to operate during this national lockdown period they should be registered and have permits authorising them to conduct business lawfully. Some have a tendency to blame the police on everything, even those operating outside the confines of the law.


“The law is clear that they should be licensed and our duty is to enforce the law. Our message is clear, people should operate lawfully and they will not have any problems with law enforcement officers,” Nyathi told the Daily News.


City of Harare principal communications officer Michael Chideme said people should not construe their normal policing duties with a crackdown.


But both the city fathers and security forces should realise that most vendors cannot afford to get licences hence the cat and mouse games.


City fathers and security forces should just be humane.
— Concerned.

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