Chivhu gunmen shot dead

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TWO armed suspects behind Saturday’s shooting incident in Chivhu that claimed the life of a soldier and left another in critical condition were yesterday killed in a shootout with security forces at Waterbury Farm along the Chivhu-Gutu Road.
The Saturday incident claimed the life of Lorance Mupanganyama and left his colleague, Peter Zvirevo, injured before the suspects fled with the two’s service rifles and magazines.
National police spokesperson Paul Nyathi yesterday confirmed the incident saying the two, who were hiding in a mountain, attempted to flee before exchanging fire with security forces and were seriously injured and pronounced dead on arrival at Chivhu Hospital.
Yesterday’s shootout resulted in the injury of one soldier who was shot in the leg.
“The two suspects have been accounted for after an exchange of fire at Waterbury Farm, off the Chivhu-Gutu Road.
“The suspects, who were hiding in a mountain, saw a security team approaching and tried to run away. They hid in a trench and exchanged fire with the security services and one security member was shot in the leg.
“The suspects were then shot and seriously injured. They were taken to Chivhu Hospital where they were pronounced dead on arrival,” Nyathi said.
The police said the stolen rifles were recovered after the shootout, including the pistol believed to have been used in the murder and injury of the soldiers on Saturday.
“The two service rifles, four magazines, which were robbed and the pistol used by the criminals to commit the murder, attempted murder and armed robbery on 5th September, 2020, were recovered from the scene,” Nyathi said.
The police also dispelled claims that Chivhu residents had clashed with the soldiers on Saturday after they allegedly went on a rampage, beating up people.
“Allegations that the soldiers were beating people or that the public clashed with soldiers are not correct. They were at the Chivhu Police Post together with three cops and their duty was to enforce coronavirus (Covid-19) regulations,” Nyathi said.
“We gathered that one of the suspects approached the police post and asked to speak to one of the soldiers. He went out and had a chat with him before returning to the post with the suspect following him. Another man approached and started firing at the soldiers. They then seized their rifles and magazines and disappeared.”
The police hailed the cooperation of the public in supplying information that led to the location of the two suspects.
“The security service applauds the public for swiftly supplying information and cooperating with the investigation teams, leading to the location of the two robbers.”
“The security service reiterates that criminal elements who want to cause alarm and disturb the peace in the country will be decisively dealt with in terms of the country’s laws.”


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