Chivaviro Jnr release 2nd video

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GOSPEL prodigy Tinashe Chivaviro has released his second song video titled Musavasiye which was shot in Zimbabwe, South Africa and United States of America.

The song is off his debut album of the same title released early this year, from which he also shot a video for the song Nguva dzaMwari.

The young singer said he wrote the song while in school at Waddilove after seeing the challenges people, especially Zimbabweans, are going through.  “Everybody needs God to intervene in their lives for things to be better. I will be releasing a couple more singles accompanied by videos later in the year.

His father, celebrated award-winning gospel singer Togarirepi and the producer Blessing Masanga, helped Tinashe polish the lyrics.

“I am happy about my son’s progress as he follows my footsteps. The calls we have received since releasing the video today has been amazing, from politicians, footballers, pastors and fellow musicians,” said Togarirepi.

Tinashe started playing drums in church when he was only 9 years old and joined Waddilove High School’s choir in Marondera 2019. He then started learning vocals.

He recorded his first single Nguva DzaMwari in August 2019 which was well received. In January this year he released the album Musavasiye with six tracks, three led by him and three by family members.

Tinashe is now on a music scholarship in Texas, USA and also completing his High School same time; he is in grade 11. 

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