ChiTown contests dumpsite closure

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THE Chitungwiza Municipality wants the High Court to grant a stay of execution against an order for the closure of Chigumba Stands Dumpsite until it is properly secured and approved by the Environmental Management Agency (Ema).
This comes after High Court judge Justice Mary Dube granted an application by the Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Forum on behalf of Bianca Dudzai Chipaga and Chamunorwa Gova — the parents of two children who died
after they were exposed to hot spent earth while scavenging at the dumpsite.

Dube ordered Chitungwiza to stop operating the facility until they have erected a wrought iron fence and placed visible warning signs indicating areas which pose a danger to the public.

Furthermore, the dumpsite had to be certified and commissioned by Ema before it could bemused again. However, the municipality argued that residents were at risk of contracting diseases because they no longer have an alternative site to dispose of their waste.

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