Chisango barred from Town House


HARARE town clerk Hosiah Chisango is not allowed anywhere near Town House or within 100 metres of any council office as part of his bail conditions set by a magistrate court yesterday.
Chisango was arrested last week for allegedly going on a victimisation spree at the local authority, attempting to sabotage an investigation into council management’s involvement in illicit land deals.

Harare regional magistrate Ngoni Nduna released Chisango on $50 000 bail and the tough bail conditions are meant to stop him from interfering with investigations.

The magistrate said it was clear that Chisango would be powerless to jeopardise the investigations if he has no access to Town House.

“Outside office, he is like a fish out of water, it has no life. Accused is banished from going to work or any council office,” Nduna ruled.

Prosecutors had opposed Chisango’s admission to bail, saying he would interfere with investigations by municipal
police. State counsel Michael Reza told the court that during the period Chisango was back in office, he was embroiled in a fresh scandal involving Covid-19 materials worth $51 million.

He is alleged to have caused the suspension of the head of investigations in the council and also tried to take control of the security department, which the State said would end the ongoing investigations.

On the other hand, Chisango’s lawyers argued that the arrest and opposition to bail was out of malice and that the matter was more of an administrative rather than a criminal nature.

Claims are that on December 24, Chisango unlawfully directed the public safety division through a memorandum to commence reporting to him and not to the chamber secretary as is the norm.

The directive was supposed to have been issued after council authority had been sought and Chisango allegedly designed the new reporting structure in his favour as he wanted to assume direct control of the department, which was behind the investigation of dubious land deals by council executives, including himself.

In order to change this reporting structure, Chisango needed to seek approval from a full council meeting. He is also alleged to have designed a new reporting structure in a bid to have direct control of the department.

Chisango allegedly convened a meeting with the division’s management and gave a verbal directive to reinforce the memo he had originated.

It is further alleged that on January 13 this year, council’s head of investigations, Tarisai Chiendambuya, was issued with a suspension letter through Geoffrey Manyere, who had been appointed acting chief security officer by Chisango while the incumbent, Collen Tongowona, was not on suspension or leave.

The State alleges Chisango’s actions were meant to frustrate ongoing investigations into illegal land deals in Harare.

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