Chipanga warns against juju in new song


Vasco Chaya

CONTROVERSIAL musician Hosiah Chipanga, pictured, has warned people against using juju to acquire wealth.

Chipanga said this ahead of the release of his studio album aptly titled Mishonga neHuori which is expected next week. It is made up of four tracks.

“People should learn to acquire wealth through proper channels.

“Nowadays, people are excited about quick riches which are not good for mankind.

“I am not pointing to an individual but the message targets everyone,” Chipanga said.

Some of the songs making the album include Midzi neHuori, Covid-19 and Cylone Idai.

“For me, I regard juju and corruption as one. They are twins.

“Criminals are more comfortable with corruption than juju and as a result, most juju users claim they have acquired their wealth through corruption yet its juju,” Chipanga said.

The album Mishonga neHuori is Chipanga’s 28th studio project. It was recorded at Taypays studios and produced by Peter Muparutsa.

Chipanga said both juju and corruption are not good to the development of the country.

“Both have negative side effects. As a country we will never develop if we continue practicing these two things. We should leave a good legacy to our children,” Chipanga said.

Chipanga began his musical journey in the late 1970s with the single Dai Ndakaziva being his debut project.

He went on to release several popular songs such as Shinda Isina Tsono, Zvichandibatsirei, Kwachu-Kwachu, Gushungo and Gamba among others.

“I draw my inspiration from the people. My music touches on a number of issues which take place in the community, from love, politics and social issues,” he said.

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