Chidarikire presents new image


Tinashe Sibanda
Lifestyle Writer

MULTI-FACETED musician, actor and corporate trainer Tendai Chidarikire aka Action Sasa will soon be presenting a new image through his brand new YouTube channel called Angestar Extreme aka Sasamania.

The channel will mainly promote his new image and name and also outline his musical journey through various modernised music and dance projects.

In an interview with the Daily News Chidarikire said: “I have been very busy shooting video clips with regards to my new YouTube channel and I am also in the studio working on new dance moves that I will hopefully be doing after this Covid-19 pandemic.”

He is preparing collaborative live shows in South Africa where he is currently based.
Chidarikire said his new channel is also aimed at outlining his musical journey from the years he reached stardom in Zimbabwe from the 1997 album Son of the Soil which was courtesy of Hi-Density Records owned by the late Prince Tendai Mparutsa.

“The channel will also document my 2001 album called Ndiringe which I believe was highly prophetic in the sense that what I sang about then finds itself happening now…this includes fuel shortages, skyrocketing prices of basic commodities, low disposable income levels and corruption,” he said. “Today’s masses including the poor continue to suffer 19 years after I dropped this album.”

Chidarikire will also use this channel to document his musical journey through videos from the yester year days of Grammar Records shops.

He said he will show his life story including a combination of some of his early television interviews in both Zimbabwe and South Africa. “As of now my media team continues to shoot current event video clips of my life, dance and new music.”

Some of his recent tracks include Ikoko, Muzezuru Reloaded (House version), Mwari Seiko (dedicated to his late mother and all Zimbabweans that have lost mother figures) and Mastaira a happy dance song amongst others.


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