Charamba-Nyakudya resurfaces with new singles


GOSPEL singer Munyaradzi Charamba-Nyakudya has resurfaced with new singles to be released next week.

Charamba-Nyakudya is dropping the new singles ahead of her forthcoming album, which is yet to get a title.

“We will release one single after the other and most probably we will start to release them from next week. The first single we intend to release is Vana veIsrael and Mwari Vanopa being the second in line,” Nyakudya-Charamba said.

Charamba-Nyakudya, who is sister to legendary Fishers of Men front man Charles Charamba, embarked on her solo career in 2017.

She was a backing vocalists in her brother’s group until she broke out with the album Testimony that same year.

“I would like to say a special word of thanks to everyone who has been following me on my journey. From those that knew me as a backing vocalist for the Fishers of Men, to those that have only recently come to follow what I do,” Charamba-Nyakudya said.

“I thank you all for your support. I am nothing without your support and I always want those that support me to know that they are appreciated.”

The initial plan was for the upcoming album to be dropped this year but Nyakudya-Charamba shelved the release to a later date due to the coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak.

“Considering what is happening in the country of late in terms of the Covid-19 pandemic, I have shelved plans to launch the album and opted to go for singles,” she said. 

Of late, the Charamba family has been churning out more solo acts to solidify the legacy that has already been set by Charles and his wife Olivia.

The couple’s daughters Shalom and Eternity launched their debut singles titled Mbiri Yose and Tonamata, respectively, last month.

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