Cernic Finance Group assist the less privileged


CERNIC Finance Group has joined the fight against the coronavirus (Covid-19) by donating food, masks, sanitizers and books for primary worth ZWL$2 million to underprivileged children in Manicaland.

This comes as the Covid-19 outbreak is threatening to exacerbate Zimbabwe’s dire economic and hunger crises, drastically affecting the lives of people in both urban and rural areas according to the World Food Programme.

Chamu Chiwanza the company’s chief executive officer said he was heading the call by President Emmerson Mnangagwa for corporates to play their part in the fight against the Covid-18 virus and the plight of many children and families affected whose day to day jobs had been affected by the pandemic.

“As a company we felt this is the right thing to do, we have to help our fellow Zimbabweans especially the less privileged whose plight have been worsen by the coronavirus. In line with government’s thrust to fight this pandemic we hope this will go a long way in assisting the people of Manicaland,” Chiwanza said.

While the coronavirus pandemic has exposed mankind to one of the worst disease outbreaks in modern times, it is also bringing out the best in people. Zimbabwean corporates have not been left behind in spite of the dire economic situation they are operating under by assisting the less privileged.

Many Zimbabwean companies have produced Covid-19 protocols to guide their staff, with most of them putting emphasis on personal hygiene while raising public awareness in combating the disease.

“As co-operates when things like these happen, we have to try our best to to help. We are grateful government has been at the fore front of this programme. This is not the end, we are working on raising more resources to support the less privilege in Mashonaland West,” Chiwanza said.

Most of the people that benefited from Chiwanza’s donation are informal workers and vendors who been hit hard by the lockdown.

The pandemic continues to affect impoverished communities across the world as organisation with corporate responsibility, Chiwanza said it is their duty to lend a hand to those in need.

Government has since launched a US$2,2 billion domestic and international humanitarian appeal for assistance in the wake of the Covid-19 outbreak, while a US$715 million, 2020 humanitarian response plan for Zimbabwe was also launched, targeting 5,6 million people with food assistance and support.

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