Car dealer loses US$71k in botched deal

A LOCAL car dealership company, Solution Motors, has filed a High Court application against a Harare man, Tonderai Masimba Saurombe, in a bid to recover US$71 000 following a botched vehicle deal.

The company’s managing director, Patrick Siyamwaya, told the court that they entered into an agreement with Saurombe for him to import four Nissan NP300 cars on behalf of the firm.

Siyamwaya said while Saurombe delivered the cars, they were later impounded by the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (Zimra) and the Zimbabwe Republic Police on allegations that the importer had not paid duty for the cars.

“Later on, the respondent went to Zimra and cleared all the vehicles by himself without prior communication to the applicant and all the vehicles were released in his custody and didn’t remit them back to the applicant.

“Despite persistent demand that the defendant (Saurombe) refunds the total amount of US$71 000, he has failed, he has refused and or neglected to settle the debt, leaving the plaintiff with no option except to approach this honourable court for relief,” he said.

Siyamwaya is now demanding an order compelling Saurombe to either deliver the cars or reimburse the paid amount.