CAPS United crisis deepens

Bamusi faces axe for 'leading' revolt


HARARE – CAPS United are reportedly on the brink of showing winger Phenias Bamusi the exit door for allegedly leading Tuesday’s ugly confrontation between players and co-director Nhamo Tutisani.

If the club goes through with its plans to off-load the winger, the rest of the squad have vowed to also walk out of the door in solidarity with their teammate.

On Tuesday morning, Makepekepe players besieged Tutisani’s business premises demanding their outstanding salaries dating back to the last three months.

There was a harsh exchange of words between Tutisani and a number of players in particular new signing Innocent Mucheneka, striker John Zhuwawu and Bamusi.

Riot police had to be called in to cool down flaring tempers between the feisty Tutisani and the equally irate Green Machine players.

In the aftermath of the hullabaloo, Mucheneka has since been pardoned since he is a fresh addition to the squad and no further disciplinary action will be pursued.

Zhuwawo has also been pardoned but the club is taking a tougher stance towards Bamusi for his role in the palaver.

As of yesterday, the Makepekepe hierarchy is said to have already drafted the winger’s clearance papers.

The only hold up was that there were some negotiations with external stakeholders still taking place before an official announcement could be made.

What is clear though is that the rest of the squad are not happy with the club’s reaction to the industrial action and have made it clear they are standing with Bamusi.

“I don’t think it’s fair. They will have to sack everyone. We went there as a group and we will stand by our colleague. Why would a boss persecute someone for asking what belongs to him?” queried one player to the Daily News.

Another player said: “If you injure one, you injure all. Why Bamusi? If they want to sack him then it has to be all of us. It’s not fair and we will stand with Bamusi.”

It appears that the relationship between Bamusi and the club is totally broken down by the comment he gave to the Daily News yesterday.

“I haven’t received any termination letter yet from the club; but I’m hoping and praying that they deliver it soon,” was all the winger could say.

CAPS United have been making the news for all the wrong reasons during this coronavirus-induced lockdown which forced the start of the 2020 season to be delayed.

The club was heavily criticised after they accepted donations of a 10kg bag of mealie-meal and 2 litres of cooking oil each, for its players.

This is despite Tutisani spending the better part of the year telling the whole country that Makepkepe had embarked on a commercialisation move to turn the club into a financial powerhouse in local football.

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    Please don’t chase away players we still need them

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