Call to release Zipra war records


ZIMBABWE People’s Revolutionary Army (Zipra) Liberation Veterans Association is appealing to the government to release all Zipra military records, including war combat diaries.

Addressing journalists at the Bulawayo Media Centre recently, Zipra Veterans Association spokesperson Buster Magwizi claimed there were deliberate distortions of Zipra’s participation in the war.

“All the Zipra military records which were in the Salisbury Herald were removed from the National Archives and dumped in a basement. The government should bring all Zipra war history into the public domain.”

Magwizi cited the famous bombing of the Rhodesia fuel tanks in 1978, which he claimed was executed by Zipra cadres, but later attributed to Zanla.

“The bombing of the Salisbury tanks is a contentious issue. The bombing was one of Zipra’s trophies.
“Zipra cadres must be respected for hitting the fuel reservoirs,” he said.

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