Bustop TV unveils corruption series  

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Vasco Chaya

POPULAR comedians Bustop TV have unveiled a new 14-series satire titled Masystem Acho which revolves around issues to do with corruption.

The first episodes of the series were released on August 25 on their Youtube page.
Masystem Acho features an old lady, Mai Dingos (Gonyeti) who stages one-woman demonstrations in the community against the rampant building of houses on open spaces.
She always questions  the authorities and demands accountability.
Mai Dingos goes on to partner with a local journalist Linda (Magi) who is also interested in covering human interest stories but she is facing a challenge from her editor who is not interested in stories to do with corruption and service delivery among other issues.
The Masystem Acho also features Jedza who was the front runner of a powerful politician. He was also dating Linda the journalist. Jedza was always involved in corrupt activities as he was acting on behalf of the powerful politician.
“We wanted to show how citizens and journalists as part of communities can help in asking for accountability and service delivery, hence fight corruption,” Bustop TV founder Luckie Aaron told the Daily News yesterday.
Established in 2014, Bustop TV is made up of Aaron, Gonyeti and Sharon ‘‘Magi’ Chideu and the crew feature other comedians time and again such as Boss Kedha among others.
With close to 100 000 subscribers, Bustop TV is known for its satirical skits that focus on the economy, political and social issues that affect society.

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