Businesspeople wrangle over US$1,4m property

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A GROUP of Bulawayo businesspeople, who are also related, are at each other’s throats after a botched US$1,4
million property deal went sour.
Converging Investments represented by Hosea Mkwananzi, Ismail Moosa Lunat and Iqbal Lunat are accused of defrauding Toppers Uniforms represented by Mahomed Zakariya Patel of US$1,4 million in the deal.

During the defence case on Wednesday, Moosa, while being led on the witness stand by his lawyer Jonathan Samakunge, denied swindling Patel of the money claiming that he is actually trying to extort

Moosa claimed that Patel said he had links with the President’s Office, First Lady Auxilia Mnangagwa, the
Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe where he sells foreign currency, police, and prosecution in a bid to intimidate

Allegations are that sometime in August 2018, Moosa approached the complainant Patel saying that he was
selling one of Converging Investments properties in Bulawayo for US$1,5 million.

Claims are that Moosa indicated that the said property was developed with a two-storey building.

He allegedly invited Patel to Bulawayo for further negotiations and also to view the property and reports are
that he negotiated the selling price downwards to US$1,4 million and an agreement was sealed.

It is said on September 4, 2018, the parties reduced the agreement to writing which they both signed.

The court heard that Patel was given some company documents to show that Moosa was authorised by
Converging Investments to lawfully dispose of the property.

Moosa is alleged to have given Patel fake title deeds which were not related to the said property. The State alleges that the property had been sold to Timothy Mafuka Nkomo in 2005 by Converging Investments represented by Iqbal Lunat.

The court heard that Patel got interested in the deal and trusting Moosa as a long-time associate and
close family member. He paid US$1 million to Moosa in Bulawayo which he signed for.

The court heard that Patel discovered that the property he had bought was not the same as indicated on the
deed of transfer presented by Moosa and he had lost US$1,4 million.

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