Bus accident survivor demands fair compensation


VICTIMS of Inter Africa bus accident are demanding fair compensation saying the $1500 offered is not enough in this prevailing economic environment.

Inter Africa bus killed one passenger and injured 16 in Goromonzi recently on its way to Checheche from the capital.

“The $1500 offered by the bus operators is not enough in this economic environment considering that I spent about $9000 on medication after the accident. It is not like we are after money but the bus company should be just considerate,” Dambudzo Muyambo, one of the surviving passengers, said.

The 36 year old woman complained of headaches, chest pains and general body pains.

Inter Africa director Leonard Mukumba said all the complaints were handled by the organisation’s insurance company.

“In case of disasters, the company does not deal directly with passengers but our insurance company will automatically takes over,” Mukumba said.

Close sources told the Daily News yesterday bus companies pay $78 000 per bus as insurance hence insurance companies should be considerate to passengers in this prevailing economic situation in the country.

“We stand by passengers; they should be given meaningful compensation considering bus companies pay $78 000 as insurance per bus. Imagine a big company such as Inter Africa which boasts a fleet of over 200 buses, it means they pay about $1.4 million towards insurance annually,” said the source.

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