Booklet provides basic life guidelines


Manna Devotionals: The Encapsulate Daily Devotional Guides, By Lucky Cherubim, Harare, I AM Ministries, 2020.

33 pages

Reviewed by Eddie Zvinonzwa

IT IS not everything that excites readers but out there, somewhere, there is definitely a consumer for writings that may emerge from publishers.

Christian writings, for instance do not seem to fit the bill for most but Christians do find writings in this realm, on any subject, interesting and useful in their day-to-day lives.

Aptly titled Manna Devotionals: The Encapsulate Daily Devotional Guides, the booklet that cleric Lucky Cherubim has come up with is one that teaches mankind to rise to the challenges, overcome grievances and start living with the purpose by following God’s principles

Each and every page of the 33-page guide has a message that is backed up by relevant scriptures, something Christians will find consistent with sermons.

At the bottom of every message is a prophetic declaration. For instance, on the topic “Connected to Heaven”, the prophetic declaration reads: “Be always mindful of His presence within you, appreciate and celebrate the truth that He is your endless stream of supernatural life, wisdom and blessing …” (p2)

The booklet also acknowledges that “The ingredients of your destiny, spiritual life, goals and success is programmed into days, years, and seasons … At the beginning of month prayer zones, decree a prophetic declaration on the new month.” (i)

The author says: “This book prescribes how to enrich your perception of life as inspiration to receive God’s blessings. It equips you to be refreshed, transformed and positioned from day-to-day to experience of success and victory as you go through the life-changing thoughts inscribed in this daily devotional. It helps you to be open-minded on various issues of life and strengthens your faith.” (i)

The Christian faith has always embraced prophecy as an integral part of life. Therefore, the presence of prophetic declarations will not surprise any Christian reader but will be very normal.

One of the major teachings is that no one will find God on another person’s behalf. It is clear that one should look for Him and they will find Him. “Knowing and experiencing the tangible Presence of God is not something we receive from others, or inherited from our families. We must hunger for Him ourselves and open our hearts to receive Him. If you are determined to seek after Him for yourself, you will find Him.”

It is interesting that the booklet acknowledges the abundance of love in God. “He has made you worthy to receive and encounter His love. If this is your heart’s desire, you have every right to call out to Him and ask Him to reveal Himself to you, and show you His glory. As you hunger after Him, He promises you will be satisfied.” (p9)

One must be able to resist evil all the time in their lives. “It’s a daily choice we can make. And when we do, we can be sure to live as His ambassadors, filled with His power and glory – pushing back evil and flooding the earth with His light and love.” (p11)

When we look at the life Jesus lived on earth, it was characterised by His total submission to His Father. Jesus said He was not able to do anything of Himself; but only what He saw His Father doing. This is something Christians have always been called to live like — by emulating the life that Jesus led.

In people’s day-to-day lives, there is something they can draw from the devotional booklet; how to be free, resisting evil, living with purpose, growing one’s faith, overcoming hurt, getting wisdom, deliverance, confidence and refusing discouragement among other subjects.

The cleric-cum-writer — Cherubim — who is the founder and leader of the International Arena of Miracles ministry, also runs the Cherubim and Seraphim Foundation, an organisation that scouts for and nurtures talent in the under-privileged, paying school fees for several under-privileged children across the country.

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