Bogus CIO agent nabbed


A 46-YEAR-OLD man is in trouble for allegedly posing as a Central Intelligence Organisation officer from the president’s office and making fake State security agents’ identity cards.

He also stands accused of having access to government offices and classified information.
Niven Nyarungwe is also accused of forging ruling Zanu PF party identity cards which gave him access to their building hence compromising State security.

He was not asked to plead to allegations of subverting a constitutional government when he appeared in court on Saturday.

Nyarungwe was remanded in custody to July 10 and he was advised to apply for bail at the High Court.
It is the State’s case that Nyarungwe and his accomplices who are still at large hatched a plan to usurp the functions of the government and created a template and manufactured fake State security agents’ identity cards. It is further alleged that the suspects would put their identity details on the fake cards yet they are not members of State security.

It is said the identity cards would give Nyarungwe and his team privileges of State security agents and give them access to classified information.

The cards would give them access to government security institutions and even possession and handling of weapons.

It is also alleged that the gang created fake Zanu PF identity cards that give them access to Zanu PF institutions where government officials are office bearers.

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