Bev, hubby separated by coronavirus


RAUNCHY dancer Beverly ‘Bev’ Sibanda has ruled out visiting her United Kingdom-based husband until the coronavirus epidemic is contained.

Bev took Zimbabweans by surprise early this year when she married UK-based mental health nurse Chambuka Mufudzi (43) in a low key ceremony at the Harare magistrate’s court.

But with the British government recently ordering a three-week lockdown to tackle the spread of coronavirus, Bev has conceded that visiting her husband won’t be possible under the circumstances.

“This virus is very serious. I therefore cannot travel to the UK and will remain in the country for the time being,” Bev told the Daily News.

The controversial dancer said measures to contain coronavirus implemented by countries such as South Africa and the UK have also dealt a heavy blow to her dancing career.

“Outside shows pay more but because of coronavirus it is now difficult,” she said, adding that the deadly disease has hit the local dancing industry hard.

“Most dancers and artists were struggling without the ban and it is now worse now that entertainment activities have been banned. People will struggle because our industry is not viable and this ban spells doom,” she said

The award-winning dancer, however, said she won’t press the panic button yet because of the support from her husband.

“In fact, even before the ban on entertainment activities because of coronavirus I was now performing for the sake of my fans and my dancing group because the money we were being paid didn’t make sense any more. Imagine someone trying to give you $120 through mobile money, with a group of eight, does it make sense?” she asked.

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