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Bev bares her soul. . . estranged hubby threatens to sue Mai Titi

CONTROVERSIAL exotic dancer Beverly Sibanda has accused her estranged husband Melusi Chambuka Mufudzi of trying to destroy her new-found independence. 

This comes as the couple that wedded in January 2020 is going through a tumultuous period in their young marriage which appears to be on the rocks. 

In a vile-filled Facebook Live video aired on Sunday night, the former Sexy Angels front lady scowled as she went in hard on the United Kingdom-based Mufudzi. 

“I am now working and then somebody tries to come in between. I have been chilled all this long like what is expected for someone who is married but now I am done, not anymore.  

“I do not think I will ever cry, not anymore. I am so happy I once cried on Facebook but not anymore, it’s enough; it is now my time to get revenge on you. 

“Even if you suggest not paying rent it is fine with me, I am now working, I have never accepted your apology at all. What I am just doing is revenge on you,” Bev said during the rant. 

During the broadcast, the dancer also suggests that her estranged husband turned green with jealous after watching her cameo in the hugely-popular song by Roki Patati Patata which features Congo rhumba legend Koffi Olomide and Tanzania’s Rayvanny. 

The song has attracted unprecedented attention after clocking over five million views on YouTube just three weeks following its release.   

“You started acting funny after seeing me with Koffi. If you think that I am going to sign the divorce papers, that is not going to happen anytime soon. I will do that after I am fade up with your money,” Bev declared. 

The Tapinda singer also slammed Mufudzi for threatening to sue popular comedienne Mai Titi for her expose of the couple’s marital problems. 

Mai Titi was the first person to reveal that Bev and Mufudzi’s marriage was on the rocks following her interview with the dancer earlier this year. 

During the interview, Bev accused Mufudzi of cheating on her with several women in the UK where he works in the health sector.     

“I am the one who approached Mai Titi so you better sue me instead. Do not ever play this game with Mai Titi because you will never win it. 

Meanwhile, Mufudzi has in recent weeks been denying the allegations that he has cheated on his wife. 

“Having 5K Facebook friends does not mean you are dating them and having a selfie with another person does not necessarily mean you are having sexual relationship with that other person. Idle minds can create horror movies and fabricate V11s,” Mufudzi wrote on Facebook.