BCC seeks donors for water harvesting


By  Tamary Chikiwa

BULAWAYO City Council (BCC) is seeking donors who can assist with water harvesting equipment during the rainy season in an attempt to reduce water woes in the city, the Daily News on Sunday reports.

The city has been enduring months of water shedding due to low dam levels. BCC director of engineering services Simela Dube told journalists at the weekend that the council wanted to engage everyone on an extensive water harvesting exercise hence the need to look for donors who can assist vulnerable communities with equipment like tanks and inserting gutters to store water.

“The water crisis is not a council problem only, but it affects us all and we must join hands in harvesting it during this rainy season. We understand there are some vulnerable communities that might not afford equipment needed to store water, hence we are engaging donors who can possibly donate such that everyone embarks on this initiative,” he said.

Dube said there was need for residents to team up with the council because as of now BCC can only use Khami Dam for water harvesting since Umguza Dam is heavily polluted and might pose health risks to residents.

“It’s not solely the responsibility of the council to harvest water, but it should start at household level. “Residents should make use of tanks and gutters in collecting water. However, the city acknowledges there are some vulnerable communities that cannot afford this, hence we are engaging donors who can fund this programme during this rainy season,” he said.

Dube further highlighted that discussions were still underway “but once we get the resources we are going to roll out the programme and at least everyone will be part of the initiative”.

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