BCC repossesses undeveloped stands


THE Bulawayo City Council is set to repossess about 179 undeveloped residential stands in some high-density suburbs.

The affected suburbs include Cowdray Park, Entumbane and Pumula, where some residential stands have not been developed since 2001.

The latest report indicates that council “should resolve the challenges of double allocations without prejudicing those beneficiaries with a genuine need for shelter”.

Council said a total of 179 stands which had been in segment five had been allocated during the year 2012.
The council also noted that the affected residential stands were at different levels of development. The beneficiaries had not complied with a council resolution and Cabinet decision of May 2009 as the stands had remained undeveloped to date, the council said. The city fathers, however, said those affected still had another chance to re-acquire their properties.

“That the beneficiaries be given first option to re-purchase the stands at a price recommended by city valuer and pay an extension fee of $7 000 valid for three months. That failure to take up the offer, the stands in Cowdray Park be repossessed and used to resolve outstanding double allocations and the excess be allocated to deserving beneficiaries on the council waiting list.

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