Baba Harare dilutes sexual footage

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CONTEMPORARY Jiti musician Baba Harare, seems to have succumbed to pressure to cut on sexually suggestive images on his videos and lyrics if his latest releases are anything to go by.
While his Jiti videos which are usually dominated by waist wriggling women have usually left tongues wagging, his latest productions, Ndipe Kaviri and Alpha and Omega are of a different nature.

Released last week, Ndipe Kaviri features comedian Comic Pastor and was shot in a rural set-up that has characterised much of his productions.

He opened this week with another video, Alpha and Omega which is purely a gospel song with no controversial lyrics.

Baba Harare is a controversial artist whose his songs have divided opinion with some describing them as vulgar.
Several songs such as The Reason Why, Generator, Nemvana and Automatically have been popular because of the controversy associated with them and equally debated by music lovers with some alleging it has explicit lyrics.

He has often defended his work describing it as the real Jiti language. He said he is not reinventing the wheel but reflecting the things that are already in existence and often said at gatherings such as soccer matches.

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