Author translates Shona books into English


RENOWNED actor and author Charles Muzemba will translate his popular Shona novels to English for sale on online platforms.

Muzemba who is also a filmmaker said he is also having the books adapted into film in line with international trends where films such as Game of Thrones and Fifty Shades of Grey emanate from books.

He said the world is going digital with platforms such as Amazon and Kindle having huge traffic of people who buy books.

Muzemba is behind a number of popular novels some of which were adopted into schools’ curriculum among them Akanga Nyimo Avangarara, Rovambira, Aita Twake, Zorodzai and Dombo which come in form of horror and drama.

One of the novels Zorodzai, a horror story, has already been translated and now carries a new title, The Doll.

“I’m translating all my novels into English for them to be on Amazon and, the Kindle. The world is going digital and there is need to move with trends. I’m also having the books adapted into film,” he said.

His decision was motivated by a visit to online stores where he noticed the huge traffic of online book buyers.

“There are over hundred million people who buy books on Kindle and why not go there…getting a readership of a million people will not be bad.”

Muzemba said the project is on course and readers should expect the books to be online end of this month.

“One of the books Zorodzai, I have changed it to The Doll, it is a horror story. The books should be up online end of this month,” he said.

Several books are now found on online platforms were people download for a fee while others are on free download.

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