As the world laments oh contagious crown


Out of nowhere comes a deathly shadow.
Coming out of the day and night air.
Prowling and destroying without
a bellow.

Covid-19 you bring about nothing
but despair.

Oh virulent virus, oh virulent virus, oh virulent virus.
You are a deleterious disease.
Covid-19 you destroy without bias.
Your greed will not cease.

Covid-19 you insidious infection.
Unremorseful, unyielding and unrelenting.
You infect without discrimination.
Merciless, hungry
and uncompromising.

Hold on, hold on, hold on Covid-19.
Oh contagious crown, why? why? why?
Covid-19 when will not be seen?
You have come to decimate and you not shy!

Covid-19 you common enemy you
are on your own.
Zimbabwe, Africa and the world
sing a hopeful song.
Yes sing a song as one, yes act as one.
Covid-19 you will be overcome and soon you will be forever gone.

Alexander Millin.


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