Artist releases coronavirus poems


RENOWNED Bulawayo-based dub poet Desire Moyo has released a compilation of poems in a bid to spread the word about the deadly coronavirus virus.

Moyo, who is also the director of Victory Siyanqoba Trust, released a recorded compilation of six poems; Dear Lockdown, Dear Coro-shit, Dear Makhesto, Dear Coro-babes, Dear Covid 19 and Dear Survivor.
With the country under a 21-day lockdown, Moyo, a human rights activist decided to use social media to spread his awareness campaign.

“The deadly pandemic can not be ignored; my voice stands against any evil of my time. I had to take it upon my shoulders to fight the virus head on.

“People perish because of ignorance, misinformation and misrepresentation of facts. I was inspired by the need for alternative media for the marginalised grassroots whose only source of information and entertainment is the cell phone,” Moyo told Daily News yesterday.

Moyo added that his main target was the ordinary person as he was the one most affected by the pandemic.
“I target all the grassroots communities; those at high risk who can’t afford medicine. Information at this time is crucial. So, I have to make sure I intervene with my poetic prowess and make them aware of the preventive measures to minimise coronavirus threat. The poor citizens are at risk.”

Moyo is happy that the project has reached thousands in a short space of time since its release two days ago.

“It’s our duty to speak on behalf of the masses; we are the voice of the voiceless and the mirrors of society, so my hope is that the poems will go a long way in enriching those in the grassroots in as far as staying safe from the deadly virus.”


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