Anibal Sisters form another group


ANIBAL Sisters have joined hands with Brandon Japajapa to form a second musical group called Trio Harmony Zim.

The new group is meant to preach the word of God.

“Anibal Sisters group will remain operational but we just thought of creating a second group which will specialise on cover versions and accapella music.

“Anibal Sisters is known for mbira music but with this one we are pursuing a different path,” one of the Anibal Sisters Martha said.

The Anibal Sisters is made up of Martha and Mary Anibal.

Japajapa sings with Called to Worship group apart from the Trio Harmony Zim.

The Anibal Sisters, an Afro-fusion gospel project, was formed in 2017 and they have an album Simuka Upenye made up of six songs: Inyasha, Kudenga Kumusha, Simuka Upenye, Hallelujah, Ruponiso and Mhanya.

Away from Anibal Sisters and the newly-formed Trio Harmony Zim, Martha is a full time member of Mathias Mhere’s group while Mary assists in Josh Meck’s band and also in Flame B’s music outfit.

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