Andy’s love life haunts him

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SINGER Andy Muridzo would quickly want to forget 2019, a year his love life turned upside down, hence affecting his musical endeavours.

Having separated with his wife Chido Manyange better known as Mai Keketso, he found himself in the arms of another woman, Nyari Mukucha, before the union collapsed.

Andy Muridzo

“It was a year of mixed fortunes. It ended well but it had some hiccups,” he said.

“I’m single and not searching. My focus is on my children and my work. I’m doing things that bring food on the table. I have just sent money for school uniforms.”

The previous year before his relationship with Nyari collapsed, Muridzo had grabbed headlines after raunchy and controversial dancer Beverly ‘Bev’ Sibanda claimed she was pregnant with his child.

Muridzo could, however, have a huge sigh of relief as Bev went on to dramatically claim that she had a miscarriage and had lost the baby.

But 2020 has not been kind to him either as he recently grabbed headlines over an alleged illicit relationship with a married Waterfalls woman, accusations which he however, vehemently denies.

“These are works of people capitalising on my image to push their agendas. Someone wanted to divorce his wife and took advantage because Andy Muridzo appears in the picture,” he said.

“People are always looking for opportunities to justify whatever they would have heard about me. Some are trying to destroy my career but music is my life and I will continue singing.”

On the musical side, Muridzo said he will be working on releasing videos for his previous projects while a new album will be coming in August. “My focus is on visuals. I will be releasing more videos starting April. We will talk about a new album in August.”

He said despite the attack on his persona, he has his followers who stand with him. “I always pay tribute to my fans for being there for me. They always come to the shows to check on me. I will continue to entertain them and the shows will continue. I sing about women more and in return they come to my shows. They make a huge part of my clientele.”

And he is also into acting as Baba Keketso and so far he has done skits with Madam Boss and Ray Vines.

“This is another area I’m having a hand in. I’m acting together with Dudzai (Madam Boss) all in a bid to entertain the followers.”

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