Young comedian enjoys telling life stories


WHEN 21-year-old Hupenyu Murombo aka Chule collaborated with comedian Doc Vikela, little did he realise that this was the beginning of a successful career in comedy.

With Doc Vikela the duo produced a sketch Peace video for the local Youth Empowerment Transformation Trust that showcased his prowess.

Through Simuka Comedy platform he developed into an all-rounder performing at various forums.
The youthful comedian is one naturally noticeable individual with an untainted smile and easy to rub off jovial energy.

The comedian began his trade as a spoken word artist at the age of 13 although he had started as a rapper. He believes spoken word and comedy are related as they both include similar features such as punch lines, metaphors and devices that twin each other despite how much the structure is an often time different.
Chule started doing comedy full time in 2017 just after high school when he was just a 19-year-old teenage.

“I let it come natural, I don’t force it and whatever fits the puzzle will make it to my library of words. The only problem is when my spoken word ends up being funny destroying the structure, so as far as writing it has never been that hard for me.

“My first love was rap and to this day I still record, it is just that I have gone for over a year without recording but I still got it.”

As if he was born a comedian even when he tries hard to display a serious side his naturally funny face seems to always have its way around anyone he meets.
Although he cannot seem to escape his very own comic style, he has described his comedy as that which blends darkness, observation and satire. “My comedy lingers around my personal real life experiences, telling my stories with a comic twist and sometimes it is all fictional while at most what I simply do best is just observe and imagine.”

He is now getting into acting and script writing as well as blogging. “I was drawn by the need to express, rediscover, teach myself and create the best version of me,” he said.

He is inspired by the hip-hop culture with mostly rappers such as Eminem, Kendrick Lamar, Tehn Diamond and poets like Madzitateguru among others. Chule said in the pursuit of his purpose he got heavily inspired by top comedians like Trevor Noah, Chris Rock, Dave Chappelle, Eddie Griffin and Carl Joshua Ncube.

Chule believes the local comedy industry is not on its designed destiny. “We have not reached Canaan yet but we should get out of Egypt. We now have the right map and we are ready to face the challenge of crossing the river.”
He is proud of his parents as they have always been supportive of whatever he wants to do in life.

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