Ananya inspired by life experiences


Tinashe Sibanda
Lifestyle Writer

A United States-based fashion designer Ananya Kouds, 20, aka Ananya says there are many factors that contribute to the inspiration of her music.

On what inspires her musical style, Ananya said: “Many factors contribute to the inspiration of my music; it is usually life’s experiences and interactions and being reminded of the past or artistic expression.”

Ananya writes and produces her own music. She debuted in late 2019 with her first single Aftertaste and has returned in the limelight with her second single, Marble Eyes.

Ananya Kouds

She uses catchy beats and emotive lyrics, combines the two contradicting subjects to create what she describes as melancholic dance music.

She is beyond grateful to have supportive listeners around the world and she never imagined her song would ever air on radio that she was unable to contain her excitement when it was played on a local radio station.

On how she maintains a balance between her fashion and music careers she said luckily, fashion and music complement each other.

“Fashion is able to create an incredible visual, while music has the extraordinary ability to unite us, it talks to the soul. Using fashion to support my music and identity as an artiste is something that greatly assists in finding the perfect balance,” she said.

While Ananya is hopeful she will perform in her home country, her priority at the moment is to ensure her safety and wellbeing as well as others in this time where the global Covid-19 pandemic is on the rise.


Ananya was born and raised in Zimbabwe and after attending high school in Europe, she then moved to New York City to study Fashion Design and follow her musical passion, playing both the piano and guitar.

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