All set for citizens dialogue



CIVIL society leader and convenor of the Citizens Manifesto Briggs Bomba has called on Zimbabweans to participate in the forthcoming national citizens convention, saying only citizens could come up with sustainable solutions to end the country’s woes.
Addressing journalists in Harare yesterday, Bomba said solutions to the country’s economic challenges and political conflicts could only be generated internally with the support from the international community.

“In terms of resolving the country’s political conflict and socio-economic crisis, we are saying that it has to be bottom up and that must have a lot to do with how we relate with each other starting at a community level and how we see commonality on issues that impact on us, how we can all build solidarity and work towards a better dispensation for all of us.”

“We believe that if we can have that reconfiguration happening at the bottom level then going up, we are going to be able to come up with solutions. We are sceptical of solutions that are imposed
from the top going down. We doubt that they will be sustainable,” Bomba said.

Bomba further said that there was need for the government to open up the space and allow freedom of expression and citizen engagement in order to facilitate the national rebuilding process from the citizens’ perspectives.
Bomba said the third National Citizens’ Convention (NCC) would convene from November 4 to 6, 2020 as a hybrid online and onsite event in line with coronavirus (Covid-19) regulations under the theme #NoneButOurselves: Re-imagining the Future We want Post Covid-19.

He added that the NCC would be participatory and inclusive and would include discussion around public accountability, transparency, corruption, democracy and participation and dialogue.

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