Africans should make the Africa that we want


EDITOR — During the 8th African Union Summit which took place in Addis Ababa in 2007, the heads of State and government decided to launch a competition for the selection of a new flag for the union.

They prescribed a green background for the flag symbolising hope for Africa and stars to represent member states. An invention involves an inventive step such that when compared with what is already known, it would not be obvious to someone with good knowledge and experience of the subject.

Yes, Africa used to be called the dark continent but now the light is shifting towards Africa.
Prosperity is a spiritual blessing. Poverty is a not a sin but accepting poverty is a sin. Our prisons are overpopulated today because of poverty pushing a good person “ over the brink’’ to do bad things to escape poverty or a certain economic level.

Poverty contributes to medical problems through stress, worry, taking too much alcohol, taking drugs, committing suicide, theft or even murder.

We need proper planning as a continent to get out of this circle of poverty.
I encourage African governments and corporate firms to set up innovation hubs.

We should not procrastinate and wait for foreign institutions to establish their own innovation hubs.
The expertise and input is highly recommended yet this should take place when we have established our own platforms at grassroots levels.

I am trying to emphasise that we should have passion for this before helpers from the international community come in with expertise and inputs.

In technology, talent is the electricity that powers the whole system.
Tech hubs act as a space that allow talented people, usually young, or at least the young at heart, to come together and develop technology based products and services.

So these people can be programmers, designers, scientists or anyone with a product or business idea that is the next big thing.

Ultimately it’s about talent.
As a nation we are facing challenges. The most affected people are ordinary Zimbabweans.
Most Zimbabweans are genuine peace loving citizens and the Almighty had a purpose why we were born Zimbabweans and we honour and give glory for that.

Let’s fight the good fight of faith to have the Africa we desire.
I urge African governments to make bread and butter issues a first priority for its citizens.
We know most countries in Africa are facing challenges but we must strive for unity, cooperation and putting aside our political differences and make Africa the first priority.

Fellow African men and women, we can make it but let’s be guided by principles. Let’s remain united and plan for the betterment of our continent and shun greed and selfishness.

Lets work towards the Africa we want in 50 years to come.

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