Adventure packed new Nissan Patrol.

THE all new Nissan Patrol has been neatly crafted to perfection. Available on order at Nissan Clover leaf motors, the sales team are ready to assist with test drives and pricing.

The Nissan brand has taken a huge step when it comes to technology and the Patrol comes loaded with Nissan Intelligent Mobility.

It comes from a family with a strong reputation of superior performance that spans more than six decades has earned the all-new Nissan Patrol enviable recognition as the “king of off-road”. Combining functionality, versatility and powerful performance with bold styling and luxurious interior refinement, the Nissan Patrol takes sophistication and capability to a whole new level. At a glance there is a clear formidable on-road presence with a more-luxurious-than-ever interior. This vehicle has a fresh and modern design approach inspired the creation of the impressive exterior. The bold window graphic of the blackened A-pillar, alloy-wheels, as well as the dynamic chrome grille all contribute to Patrol’s undeniable on and off-road presence.
On the new Nissan Patrol the Air conditioning system features curtain vents mounted in the ceiling above each side window and upper vents mounted above the windshield. For the ultimate in quiet interior cabin space. The laminated windshield and front windows reduce noise by 35% in the all-new Nissan Patrol.
Nissan Patrol’s mission is to deliver more comfort and more room, the Patrol offers versatile luxury leather seats dimensions that you will be forgiven in thinking that you are inside a private jet instead of inside the all-new Nissan Patrol.
For the driver, and all seven passengers, Nissan Patrol offers immeasurable comfort and space from any seat you choose.

The Nissan brand has taken a huge step when it comes to technology and the Patrol comes loaded with Nissan Intelligent Mobility. Nissan’s Intelligent Driving is foremost about performance, comfort and safety, removing the stress from a daily commute or minimising the risk of unsafe conditions like Nissan Intelligent Driver Alertness that detects driving behaviour consistent with a drowsy driver and send a warning. Nissan is leading with its Safety Shield technologies like Lane Departure Warning and Forward Emergency Braking, and will advance this leadership into autonomous drive technologies.
Nissan Intelligent Mobility is redefining the way we power vehicles, the way they are driven and integrated into society, all while staying focused on creating a more enjoyable ride through life.
At the wheel you can literally feel raw power in your grip as you cruise on urban roads or manuevore the rugged roads. From the beginning the Nissan Patrol has been synonymous with power. The 5.6 litre V8 engine offers the ultimate power trip. The DIG technologies improve efficiency, power and torque with lower emissions. The 7-speed VVEL Automatic transmission with manual mode delivers seamless acceleration with 298kW of power and 569Nm of torque. It comes packed with off road capabilities. Conquering the off-roads means roughing through a diverse range of challenging landscapes. Fortunately, it is well equipped to tackle any terrain thanks to its advanced technologies, thoughtful design and incredible forethought. The heavy-duty frame at the Patrol’s core is designed for improved structural rigidity without any compromise in ride quality.
Change your world in the new Nissan Patrol at Nissan Clover Leaf, Derrick Mazvito & his team will assist with the ordering the payment options.

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