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Accountability, transparency key in public service

EDITOR —As a result of the glaring integrity deficit and rampant corruption in local and national governing authorities in Zimbabwe, the Patriotic Zimbabweans (PZ) Party will set a novel trend in ensuring that there is accountability, transparency, and responsibility in public service.

The party will introduce a rigorous screening system for its council, parliamentary, and executive deployees to curb corruption and to hold public servants accountable.

The PZ Party’s political credit system will ensure that those who aspire to serve are subject to scrutiny by the electorate at political party level in particular and at national level in general.

The credit system is ubiquitous in developed western nations and in Asian countries such as the United States’ Credit Score and China’s Social Credit system.

The Party’s Political Credit System is to monitor and assess each potential candidate’s trustworthiness, particularly as it relates to following Zimbabwean laws and to some extent international ones.

A violation of Zimbabwe’s criminal justice laws will result in the nullification of a candidate’s nomination.

From the onset, the Patriotic Zimbabweans Party will require a background check from all potential candidates through the use of financial, criminal, and government records as well as information from the register-general’s office.

In addition, the party will require every potential candidate to declare their assets at the initial stage of seeking nomination and after serving their term.

Citizens will be empowered also at a local level to assess potential candidates for local government before any one is eligible for and subject to a national electoral process.

As a party which prioritises revenue collection for growth, the Patriotic Zimbabweans Party will also in some instances require tax payment, bank repayment and employment disputes information from its potential candidates.

According to Transparency International (2019), the “corruption perception index” for the public sector showed 76 points in Zimbabwe for 2019.

The scale has a range from 0 to 100, in which corruption raises, the higher the number is.

The ranking is led by Denmark with a value of 13 while at the bottom is Somalia with 91 points. Considering this foregoing data, the Patriotic Zimbabweans Party found it imperative to develop the political credit system so that our local and national government system becomes efficient and led by public servants with integrity.

The system will ensure that Zimbabweans have access to the services they deserve and there is value for their investment at a local and national level while the country does not lose revenue and resources through corrupt practices.

Charles Muchineripi Mutama


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