A year on, Selmor remembers Tuku


THE late national hero, Oliver Mtukudzi’s daughter, Selmor will tomorrow release a single titled Mandidzimbira as she remembers her dad. Tomorrow, January 23 marks exactly a year since Mtukudzi aka Tuku passed on. The song, which will see her expressing her feelings through music, precedes her album release set for January 31. “Selmor will speak through her music and a video of Mandidzimbira will be premiered on Thursday (tomorrow) the day Tuku died. This is a tribute to her father,” her manager Josh Hozheri told the Daily News yesterday. In remembering her father, Selmor has been posting some tributes. “Dad, it will be a whole year on the 23rd of January and yet my heart still skips a beat when I hear your music played. Hana yangu inorova when they refer to you as ‘the late’. I still can’t believe it. It is very difficult for me to go through our messages to each other. I can’t stand the thought that saka handichafa ndakaona imwe message futi ichifla
sha yakanzi Dad. I miss you so much.” She also revealed details about their relationship and how it was a mystery to outsiders. “Even though I never saw you every day but just
knowing that you are there meant worlds to me. Now you are gone…for good. It breaks my heart. People may have not understood the relationship we had you and I, and I know how in the last days you wanted so much to let everybody know how much we cared for each other through a song
(Coz that’s how we communicate) but I guess God didn’t care what people thought. He took you before we could do it. It’s a year now but still feels like yesterday. I love you so much dad. Rest in peace,” she wrote. On Monday, she shared a passionate message about her father posting a screenshot of their last conversation in which Tuku revealed the desire to
have a family song which would have featured Selmor, Sybil, Shami and Bybit. Selmor will on
January 31 release her first album, Dehwe Renzou after Tuku’s death. Steve Dyer, who worked with Tuku contributed immensely on the album’s production. Her recording band, the Original Black Spirits is also made up of ex-members of Tuku’s band among them Piki Kasamba. Meanwhile, a tribute song for the late Tuku titled Mudhara Tuku and composed by Tocky Vibes will be released tomorrow. It was produced by Canadabased Munya ‘‘Vialy’’ Viya and sponsored by a benefactor who preferred anonymity. “When he died, some people rushed into the studio recording tribute songs but to me it was not
proper. Tuku was a legend and deserves the honour and I had to do it in a respectable way,” Tocky Vibes told the Daily News. Tocky Vibes is one musician who was singled out together with Soul Jah Love as among the best young musicians in Zimbabwe. The chanter said Tuku not only talked about music but life skills and knowledge. “Tuku would give us the opportunity to ask him whatever we wanted. It is rare to find a man of his stature having time for the likes of us. He would sit and listen to our concerns and give us the tips to navigate in whatever situation. “We were assisted by someone (name withheld) who worked with the superstar for a long time and Munya Vialy recorded the project.” Viya was among the longest serving members of Tuku’s Black Spirits with his role on the keyboards. His relationship with the Mtukudzis can be traced back to the living days of Tuku’s son Sam

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