Govt should deal with economic problems


© Editor — When you mention Zimbabwe, what comes into the minds of many people is plenty of fresh water, Victoria Falls, sunshine, fear, uncertainty and corruption.

Zimbabweans are going through harsh economic conditions. Our countrymen strive by all means to make a living.

Recently, I was disturbed when I witnessed an 80-year-old woman vendor being mishandled by municipal police.
Who made vendors mushroom everywhere — an environment characterised by unemployment?

Vending is among the few means of survival available in this country. We have university and college graduates who haven’t yet tasted the formal employment sector since they finished school.

Making a living in Zimbabwe is now a thorn in the flesh. The most affected are the youth, majority of us have nothing to write about. Most young men can’t marry because they don’t have any means of making a living and even if you try all the entrepreneurial ways, the environment is not conducive.

We have brilliant brains, highest rate of literacy in Africa and this will be a stepping stone when new innovations are birthed in our land.

Most of our brilliant people are helping develop other countries. Poverty is the number one enemy the country is facing.

How many are eating a decent meal a day among our countrymen?

A citizen with a full stomach and a healthy mind set can concentrate on developing the country unlike a citizen with an empty stomach.

Our fellow countrymen have crossed borders seeking better opportunities/greener pastures and some were devoured by crocodiles trying to cross the Limpopo River and the majority are living in those countries as illegal immigrants where they are treated as third class citizens. We have been reduced to destitutes.

We need policies which promote the betterment of our people.

Advocating for the betterment of our people is not a security threat.

We have many brave sons and daughters of the soil who stood up to voice their concern about the plight of our people. They are not a security threat but beloved sons and daughters of the soil like you and I.

We need all Diasporans to come back home and help improve our country. We can’t watch other countries milking our technocrats. Attitude dictates our response to the present situation and determines the quality of our future Zimbabwe.

If we do not control our attitude it will control us because a positive attitude creates a better nation and enriches our destiny.

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