72-hour water shedding for Byo

THE Bulawayo City Council (BCC) has intensified its water-shedding to 72 hours up from 48 hours as the ongoing power outages continue to disrupt the local authority’s waterworks. 

Yesterday, town clerk Christopher Dube revealed the latest schedule, which is likely to create more woes for the residents, who have endured perennial water challenges. 

“The public is being advised of the introduction of a 72-hour shedding programme citywide. 

“This is due to further delays in the recovery of the system since it was affected by power outages that occurred two weeks ago,” Dube said. 

“The power outages resulted in the loss of the subsequently subdued abstraction and pumping. 

“Further correspondence from ZETDC shows that they will be working on the Hwange Power Grid link for another week beginning November 16, from 7am to 7pm every day, which will continue to disrupt Nyamandlovu pumping, which will be reduced from the regular 15 megalitres a day.” 

Dube further noted that a burnt transformer at Umzingwane Dam has also disrupted raw water delivery. 

He however, said the ZETDC has so far only installed a temporary transformer that can only handle 50 percent of the pumping capacity.