Car batteries thieves jailed 8 months

TWO Epworth men, who were convicted of stealing 10 car batteries in Waterfalls in a single night, were on Thursday jailed for eight months each by the Harare Magistrates Courts. 

Prince Zvavanoda and Tinashe Chasi were initially sentenced to 12 months’ imprisonment each before Harare magistrate Patricia Sangaza-Kamwanda suspended four months each on condition of good behaviour in the next five years. 

Prosecutor Hazvineyi Chiota-Rukande proved that on the night of November 10, the duo and one accomplice, who is still at large, hatched a plan to steal car batteries from different premises in Waterfalls. 

All the complainants in the cases allege they secured their motor vehicles by locking all doors and windows before retiring to bed.  

The trio allegedly went to the first house along Halton Road in Prospect where they managed to gain entrance in the complainant’s yard and stole a 12V car battery from a parked vehicle.   

The accused reportedly opened the bonnet from underneath the vehicle and stole the battery.  

The trio then proceeded to other houses in the same neighbourhood where they reportedly jumped over precast walls to gain entrance.   

On entering the complainants’ premises, the crew used the same means of opening the bonnet from underneath the car before stealing the batteries.  

During the same night, the trio also proceeded to Prospect Primary School and again forced entry into the premises where they stole three more car batteries from motor vehicles which were parked there.  

The complainants reportedly discovered the offence in the morning and reported the matter to the police.  

On the following day, detectives from the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) got a tip off that Proud Kuvarega was in possession of batteries.  

Kuvarega was then questioned by the police and he then alleged that he had bought the said batteries from the accused persons, leading to their arrest.  

All in total, the stolen 10 batteries were worth $150 840. 


Shamaine Chirimujiri